History of RPM Revenue Drivers

The Idea Behind RPM Revenue Drivers: Hands-On Leaders Who Build

In 2003, John Keller and Jared Mabey first came together through a common interest in micro-finance and social entrepreneurship—two areas that continue to guide RPM RevenJohn and Jared1 300x200 History of RPM Revenue Driversue Drivers, LLC. In May of 2008, they began talking about the creation of a new business consulting company that would focus on tapping into human potential in order to build successful businesses. With varied backgrounds, they felt they had a unique view of the business consulting industry.  Together they formed a dynamic team—John with his background in lean, bootstrapped entrepreneurship, and Jared with his education in private equity operations, mergers and acquisitions. Businesses of all sizes need outsourced business developers that are not afraid of rolling up their sleeves to get some real work done.

Over the next several months John and Jared white-boarded various business models in an effort to create a company that would provide unique value to clients, find ways to develop future leaders, and maximize the impact their organization could have on the world. Dedicated to furthering these values and ideas, RPM Revenue Drivers, LLC was founded in September 2008.

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