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Banking is a constantly evolving environment due to changes in government regulations and laws and the economic climate. At RPM we have qualified people dedicated to helping you learn what you need to, in order to be aware of risks and opportunities in the banking arena. With our help, you will be equipped to succeed from the start. We will help you negotiate with other financial institutions and find the right balance between risk and opportunity. RPM is committed to helping you change the future of financial institutions by giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals and give life to your ideas.

RPMaking a Difference

Client: Prime Alliance Bank, a bank that was struggling with regulatory actions

What We Did: We performed an analysis of the company and recruited a sales team, a team of attorneys, and restructured incentives for employees.

Results: The sales team sold millions of dollars in difficult assets that the bank had previously been unable to sell. The team of attorneys handled the bank’s cases profitably, and the incentive program motivated bank employees to align their efforts to generate more profits

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