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Why RPM?

At RPM, we focus on helping clients and employees set goals and develop the skills necessary to reach them. We want to help you further your career any way we can. As an intern or employee at RPM you will be given the tools you need to jumpstart your career in ways you haven’t even considered yet. These tools include hands-on experience with CEOs of large companies, frequent interaction with the upper management of RPM, and one-on-one feedback from your project consultant to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience with RPM. At RPM we will give you meaningful projects that will help you create and/or adjust your career goals to suit your individual personality and ambitions. We want to empower you with the skills and tools that will allow you to be a successful professional in any field. Let us accelerate your career. For more information visit

Why Utah?
Because of its location in the west of the United States, Utah is a great location for you to develop your career, as it will allow you to have access to professionals and companies in many major cities without much difficulty—Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Boise, Denver, and Albuquerque are all within a day’s journey. Often referred to as Silicon Slopes due to the number of technology startups in recent years, Salt Lake City is a growing business center. Working with RPM you will establish relationships with dozens of established and new companies in the area. Aside from its great location and easygoing people, Utah’s weather and numerous state and national parks allow you to enjoy seasonal activities year-round, such as snowskiing, sledding, waterskiing, wakeboarding, rock climbing, spelunking, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more—whatever you like to do, you can find a place for it in Utah. Apply now at

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