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Consumer goods have the potential to yield reliable cash flows as people seek brands that are familiar and easy to understand. Critical to achieving this is a complete understanding of the target market and avoiding critical pitfalls. Many products fail due to insufficient planning and weak execution. Resource requirements are generally underestimated and targets misunderstood.

As experts in market penetration, there are many ways RPM adds clarity to consumer goods professionals:

  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Business development
  • Product Testing
  • Initial Sales

Our team conducts rigorous analysis on any and all potential threats to your product before it hits the marketplace or web. All the while, we ensure that the most reliable business methodologies are employed from start to customer. Our goal in execution is to significantly shorten the length of time to get your product to market and start realizing its potential.

RPMaking a Difference

Client: Viva Markets, a Hispanic Grocery Chain

What We Did: We performed a needs analysis of the company, and brought in a COO who had vast experience in the grocery industry. We helped restructure the entire store, and brought in a marketing plan for the grand opening

Results: Viva Markets went from a startup company to the larges Hispanic grocery chain in Utah

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