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Mobile – RPM Revenue Drivers

RPM provides mobile ventures with the manpower, speed of execution, and strategy implementation needed to effectively reach their clients wherever they may be. Companies are currently adapting and implementing mobile enterprise strategies in every way possible. Services of all kinds are being transferred to mobile models.

Success requires speed, convenience, and ease of use. We understand how to prepare and scale an idea for the mobile market and effectively communicate the value proposition for the unique wireless context. RPM utilizes a wide array of powerful tools to accomplish this, such as the inclusion of social media and SEO techniques.

RPMaking a Difference

Client: My911, a Mobile Apps Company that specializes in emergency services

What We Did: We developed a customer voice channel to improve customer service, and implemented a strategic positioning program to increase the number of downloads of the app.

Results: The customer voice channel improved the overall customer rating by 60% in less than six weeks, and the positioning program that improved daily downloads by 2,000% in a four-month period.

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