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Resulting from an environment of rapid change, many software companies are constantly pushing their resources to the limit. RPM partners with these companies, creating a way for them to test and implement new software products. Our research team conducts the market analysis necessary for positioning and understanding the competition so that client companies can avoid the common pitfall of creating systems that do not function as intended or are never used at all.

Never afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work, RPM assists in finding clients to test software, give rich feedback, and augment sales. RPM also helps with product design, identification of basic feature sets, and pre-market testing.

On average, most software projects end up over budget and late, due to a lack of understanding of the scope of the project and lack of proper expectations and accountability. RPM works tirelessly to assure that projects are completed on time and on many occasions, under budget.

RPMaking a Difference

Client: SolutionStream

What We Did: We dissected the market to define a target market for their envisioned product. We performed the research necessary to see whether the product’s launch into the target market was viable

Results: Our market evaluation revealed that the target market was much smaller than anticipated, and the company shifted its development efforts. The shift saved the company an estimated $500,000.

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