Lead Generation Call Center

Lead Genertion Call Center Services – RPM Revenue Drivers

Imagine that as you are starting your business and somebody hands you a list of 500 people who are interested in your product or service.  Generating new clients for your business through a list of potential customers is not rocket science, it is just time consuming.  Here at RPM we have developed internal marketing divisions that are able to seamlessly reach your clients in whatever way you determine to be most effective.

One of our newest endeavors is our lead generation call center which has already proven its worth on such client projects as Vizkick, Grow America, and Slipstone. At the call center we have the ability to customize a list of your target clients and then rapidly and effectively introduce your product or service to those industries. We likewise have the capacity to work with these potential leads until they are ready for the close! And once you are ready to take control of lead generation on your own, we will gladly train your sales team and get them off the ground.

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