Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Detailed and Specific Market Research

At RPM, research is an integral part of the strategy and execution we put into every project. RPM is not a typical market research agency that will give you broad, industry reports. In addition to providing you with general market information and competitive analysis, RPM will seek to answer all the specific questions that you may have about the direction of your company.
  • How do I get in to the gourmet salsa market in California?
  • What type of brewed cocoa products exist in the market and how can I be competitive in pricing?
  • How can I get a government grant that will support further research into the chemical product I am developing?
  • What type of marketing activities provide the best ROI for a SaaS product in the real estate industry?
  • What types of contractual language will protect my company from product misuse, fraudulent copying/reverse engineering in Asia?

*Note – All of the above are real questions presented to the RPM research team.

Recurring Expert Advice

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a panel of experts that you could reach out to and get advice from anytime you need? RPM will find the perfect members for your ‘Ultra Light Advisory Board’. These individuals are proven industry experts who have found solutions to similar problems you face. By aligning the correct incentives, RPM can help connect you with some of the leading industry experts that will guide your business development process.


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