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Prime Alliance Bank’s Co-Founder Clint Argyle Talks About RPM Revenue Drivers

RPM has played a key role in assisting me with building two of my businesses.

One thing that sets RPM apart from others is their high level of execution. They are consistently in the top 5%-10% in terms of their productivity and performance compared to other staff members. This result in a greater dollar per hour value obtained than is achieved with most other team members.

RPM has successfully implemented a goal system companywide in both of my ventures that has significantly increased team productivity as well. Some staff members’ productivity has increased by as much as 40%, which has resulted in significant cost savings. Also, RPM has done an excellent job of organizing and reorganizing my companies to focus more on priorities and the most important things first rather than just putting out fires.

RPM has also laid the ground work for restructuring our internal staff and finding additional team members by identifying the best people for multiple positions within the companies, including CEO, and other C-level positions, paralegals, business development reps, and several of the top performing real estate agent teams.

I estimate that RPM’s work in recruiting will have saved one of my companies more than $100,000 in recruiting costs alone. It’s also anticipated that because of the higher quality of the recruits, their achievements could add seven figures worth of additional value above and beyond what would normally be achieved over the next 3 years.

Additionally, I’ve found RPM to be extremely adept at determining how to open new markets and increase the probability of success of a venture, while decreasing the amount of time needed to achieve success. They are some of the best that I know of at determining how a company can pattern itself after the most successful companies in the same or similar industries.

RPM’s work is done with integrity and transparency. I have two more businesses in the pipeline to work with them on and look forward to those business taking off as well.

To sum up, I’ve been working with RPM for almost a year now and their work has created value several times greater than their cost and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Clint Argyle

Prime Alliance Bank


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