Dave Norton

Island Park Investments

October 4, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a privilege for me to recommend Rapid Penetration of Markets (RPM) to you. Island Park Investments has, through 9 of its companies, employed the services of RPM to significantly increase sales and construct solid business development foundations. Island Park currently has more than 30 portfolio companies, which I work with as the Investment Manager. Through RPM’s efforts some of our companies have doubled their revenues and others have even exceeded that. Yet others are well on their way, improving at a pace that is at least twice as fast as they were before we introduced RPM to them.

When I first met RPM I expressed my lack of interest in working with consultants because of their typical long-term, high price, retainer fee-based contracts. RPM assured me that they are not a “typical” consulting company. They said that they would be happy to allay my concerns by proving to me that they have a methodology which significantly expands on and exceeds the typical consultant’s contributions. There are many groups or companies that are experts in their fields that are willing to consult and recommend what needs to be done. However, many of us can recommend what needs to be done; it’s how to accomplish the task that matters and actually rolling up one’s sleeves and getting the job done. RPM expands the role of a consultant to that of a fully involved team member and not only identifies what needs to be done, but how to do it. Then, in a very hands-on, “pick and shovel” fashion they prove out a given enhanced revenue model and pass the proven work processes on to the company’s existing staff or identify and hire new staff to do the job. Over the years, RPM has developed a way of identifying experts in a given vertical very quickly. They are then guided by those experts to create a methodology for revenue generation suitable for the particular business.

Each of us has personal areas of expertise which enable us to be effective in our particular position. Private equity firms attempt to balance the background of their employees to assure that they are covered in what they deem as the critical areas to their success. This enables them to review a portfolio to assure that effective progress is being made or to assure that a potential investment has the potential to meet the objectives of a given fund. Outside consultants are often brought in to cover areas of expertise not held by the team. This may tell us if a company has what it needs, but it doesn’t tell us if their approach is going to achieve their potential. This is where we “roll the dice.” In contrast, RPM’s approach enables us, with a much greater degree of certainty and increased speed, to know that the best revenue generation practices are for the particular good or service being offered, and the channel which provides the most rapid access to revenue and the greatest opportunity for growth. This information is rarely available to one making this important decision. With this information, one can determine if the company, based upon this in-depth assessment from experts in a particular product type and/or channel is likely to work and whether the management team is teachable and willing to accept an approach or channel which differs from what they were pursuing.

RPM’s core value-add is derived from their focus on the methodology of how to create, refine, and maximize sales channels in industries of all kinds. I have discovered over many years that the number one problem with struggling businesses is a lack of direction and focus on sales methodology. RPM’s methodology centers on how to generate and expand sales. RPM begins by quickly performing market research and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company client. This is followed by developing a specific methodology to define the target market, refine existing sales channels, and generate new sales channels. The next state is to work as a team member with the company implementing the new sales methodology and filtering out any remaining inefficiencies as they actually bring in revenue. In a matter of 4 to 6 months I have found time and again that RPM’s methodology increases the probability of success of the business by 2-4 times the industry standard. RPM also decreases the time to success by 30% or more.

Companies that engage RPM are much better off than those who reinvent the wheel. Leaving the business development to those who do ti full time, for companies in a very wide array of industries proves to save time and money and increase the size, probability and speed of eventual harvest.


Dave Norton

Investment Manager

Island Park Investments



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