Ryan Moss


I was introduced to RPM a number of months ago. At the time I had never heard of this type of business. It did not take long for me to recognize that, due to the fact that they did not require contracts and wanted to be held accountable for their work, they were very serious about their abilities to bring results. Through the time period that we have worked together on projects, they have consistently been on time, if not ahead of schedule. At their request, bi-weekly accountability meetings were held to make sure they were on task with all predetermined objectives. This approach was quite refreshing and inspiring by the level of attention and accountability that was present throughout the scope of the work.


One of the most impressive aspects of RPM is the level at which they are able to leverage relationships to accomplish tasks. In numerous cases they were able to draw upon experts in various fields to get to answers quicker. They have been able to get to those who have been successful, and consequently avoid pitfalls and mistakes made by others in similar endeavors. This unique approach allows them to shorten the learning curve and accelerate results. In short, they quickly determine how others have been successful and model after proven, tried and true patterns.


One of the most impressive aspects of working with Jared and John at RPM is their flexible nature to work within our time frames and to be able to take on multiple projects at the same time. Above all the skills, talents, relationships and processes that RPM brings are the type of people they are and the character and ethics they live by. That is by far the most impressive aspect of the RPM business.


If you are looking for results and shortening the learning curve on any project I recommend you give RPM a serious look before making a decision.


N. Ryan Moss


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