Scott McQuarrie

Scott McQuarrie’s Experience with RPM

RPM delivers impressive results. We had a residential real estate development in Eastern Utah that hadn’t seen a sale in nearly a year. We had two different sales teams work on it, but still no results. Within only a few weeks of having RPM lead on the project, a number of loose ends were settled up in the development and agents from different brokerages were working together in an innovative team structure. RPM helped us develop events and open houses which had attendance several times greater than any other development in the county! RPM was able to produce the traffic and reputation to get home buyers interested and then let our product’s quality and value do the talking. Within months, our development moved from no market share to having more sales in some months than all of our competitors combined! We’re happy to report that we are still leading the market in sales today!

What RPM does best is get answers to tough business questions, regardless of the industry. What’s unique to me about RPM is they create solid plans that have a high probability of success and then execute extremely well on those plans. They are business builders rather than consultants, because they roll up their sleeves and build the solutions they propose. On a particular project we were developing, they brought in an individual as a member of the team that had sold more than 4 billion dollars in services and products in the new industry we were entering. On another completely unrelated project in a different industry, RPM was able to use their framework and abilities to find a buyer for a product that we had been unable to sell. What’s even better is they were able to secure a price (and sell the item) at a multiple of what we would have been able to do on our own.

During each engagement we’ve had up to this point, RPM has brought tremendous value and insight. We gained nearly a million dollars in sales and savings from the work and dedication of RPM on our behalf. RPM clearly delivers a strong return on investment, and I heartily endorse their services to any business leaders looking to wisely invest their resources and increase their bottom line.


R. Scott McQuarrie


BTS Investments

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